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First Plymouth treasures deep community, profound faith, and engagement with the world.

We are committed to being the hands and heart and face of Christ in the world.

Here, everyone is welcome.

Seriously. Everyone.


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Adult CE: January 26
Immigration the “Legal Way”
If you keep hearing that immigrants should come to the U.S. “the legal way,” but are confused about what (if anything) “the legal way” really is, this workshop is for you! It will be a great participatory learning experience: everyone who comes gets to follow the path of a different person who is seeking to become a resident of the U.S. Find out who gets in, who doesn’t, and why. An eye-opening, mind-expanding and heart-aching experience, hosted by the Immigration Task Force.

LIVE at First Plymouth: “The Pastor & the Professor”
Thursdays in January, 6:30 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.
If you missed the first three “The Pastor and the Professor” live podcasts or are wondering what it is, listen here. Join us Thursday, January  30, for the final recording session and small group discussion by our own Rev. Jenny Shultz-Thomas and Rev. Dr. Eric Smith.