Racial Equity

Racial Equity

The Racial Equity Team has a mission: to increase awareness of racism, white privilege, and white supremacy, and to respond faithfully.  

When we fight for equity for all, we create opportunities for people who would have been sidelined because of their race, which robs our society of potential leaders who could have had an indelible impact on the world.  With true racial equity, everyone has the same chance. The most capable individuals can accomplish their potential regardless of their ethnic backgrounds, and this ultimately fuels progress in society.

First Plymouth became a Racial Equity Congregation in 2019, just before 2020 brought the double challenge of COVID-19 and the full exposure of systemic racism resulting from the George Floyd murder. White people had suddenly been confronted with racial injustice in a way that even veterans of the civil rights movement say seemed different. This inspired us to increase our efforts toward the goal of true equity for all.

We are a majority white American church with all the associated privileges that it implies, and we are aware that racial inequity is painfully familiar to many, including Black, Latino, Asian, and Indigenous Americans.

The RET meets monthly, on the second Wednesday at 6:30 PM, via Zoom. The link can be found on the church calendar. For more information, please contact RET@firstplymouthchurch.org.