Ceremonies & Sacraments



The sacrament of baptism is an outward and visible sign of the grace of God.

Through baptism, a person is joined with the universal church; the body of Christ. In baptism, God works in us the power of forgiveness, the renewal of the spirit, and the knowledge of the call to be God’s people always. Baptism for infants in our tradition is understood as a welcome to Christian community. It is the sacred act of recognizing that children are a gift and that it is our privilege to raise them in ways that promote compassion and truth in the world.

Baptism for adults is recognized as being received into membership of the church universal, and a pledge to follow the way of Christ.

For more information, email the church office or call 303-762- 0616 to speak to one of the ministers.


First Plymouth provides a beautiful setting for services of sacred covenant. Your desire to involve the church shows that you wish to begin your union with the recognition of God’s blessing. As a Christian church based on the life and teaching of Jesus, we believe your union is a sacred covenant to be entered into with prayer and thoughtfulness.

Our Ministers will guide you through the process of designing your ceremony to reflect your wishes. A church coordinator will meet with you to help in the planning process and will be present on your day.

Our sanctuary can accommodate 500 guests, or for a more intimate setting, our chapel seats 85-90. The church may be used for your reception as well.

Our church had beautiful and varied settings for photos. Some favorite spots include the window banked landing, balcony, courtyard, portico, and the gardens.

For more information, email the church office or call 303-762-0616.
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Memorial Services

At the difficult time of the loss of a loved one, First Plymouth can assist in memorial service planning. Our Sanctuary (capacity 500) and Chapel (capacity 90) are available for services. Also, First Plymouth maintains a Memorial Garden in the courtyard for interment of ashes and display of memorial plaques. For additional information or to speak with one of our ministers, please email the church office or call 303-762-0616.