Purpose & Vision


Purpose & Vision

First Plymouth Community Purpose
We are a welcoming spiritual community that actively cares for one another, our neighbors and the earth. Inspired by God’s love and the teachings of Jesus, we engage in meaningful worship and spiritual practices; pursue social and earth justice through acts of service and advocacy; and create space for diverse expressions of belief.

First Plymouth Community Vision
Grounded in Divine hope, our vision is to nurture an ever-evolving, inclusive community that seeks justice for the marginalized and protects our precious earth.

A Church of Open Ideas

As Christians, we rest in God’s amazing grace and see God’s presence in the words of Scripture, in each other, in our beloved community, and on our beautiful planet. The UCC is unique to some because we do not require uniformity of belief. We are a church of open ideas, extravagant welcome, and the courage of our convictions.

Ours is a risk-taking church, because ours is a risk-taking God. We support liberty in our pulpit, just as we affirm the individual conscience of our members to agree, disagree, and wrestle with life’s biggest questions in a spirit of love. Our passion for democracy extends to both government and church, where decision-making rests within each congregation of the UCC.