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Who We Are

First Plymouth Congregational Church is home to thoughtful and progressive Christians. We seek to lend aid and give shape to our community through social justice practices and prayer. We encourage and nurture our members to grow in their relationship with God. Our church fosters a creative, diverse, and welcoming environment that supports individuals and families.

OUR ENDS: First Plymouth’s Council, as representatives of the congregation, and through listening to the congregation, regularly articulates those “ends” that best reflect the overall energy and articulated mission of FP members. At present those ends are:

  • We are a LOVING community that welcomes and cares for all with radical hospitality and enthusiasm. We focus particularly on loving guests and members, affirming and celebrating our differences, inviting each other into beloved community, connecting and including all generations, and deeply caring for one another.
  • We are a SERVANT community that faithfully acts as the willing hands of God. We focus particularly on seeking opportunities, as Jesus did, to help and heal outside of our community, involving all generations in our service, lifting up and celebrating this service, and listening to and learning from those we serve.
  • We are a GENEROUS community that commits to giving from our personal abundance, talents and resources. We focus particularly on sharing our financial resources with our church community and people in need.
  • We are a WHOLE EARTH community that faithfully and lovingly cares for God’s creation.  We recognize the interconnectedness of our world and  focus on our community’s environmental impact. We seek to protect and restore the earth through intentional practices.
  • We are a DEEPLY SPIRITUAL community that is transformed by its experiences of God’s love. We live this by faithfully listening to the inspiration of the Spirit through prayer, silence, worship and fellowship, witnessing to God’s love in word and deed and by following Jesus’ path with intentionality, seeking to become disciples.
  • We are a COURAGEOUS community that stands up to speak God’s message of peace and justice. We do this by speaking our progressive, inclusive message to the world and by working for peace and justice for all people.

Please see our Mission Statement which guides our forward motion.