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Weddings at First Plymouth

Photo by Click Photography

A family centered on a Holy presence

is the structural foundation of

a lasting and fruitful civilization.

Families of all sizes and shapes in loving cooperation contribute to such a society.

The nucleus is most often a union

of two individuals who,

with mutual love and respect,

pledge to share their dreams and labors

in a lifelong journey.

First Plymouth provides a beautiful setting for services of sacred covenant. Your desire to involve the church shows that you wish to begin your union with the recognition of God’s blessing. As a Christian church based on the life and teaching of Jesus, we believe your union is a sacred covenant to be entered into with prayer and thoughtfulness.

Our sanctuary can accommodate 500 guests, or for a more intimate setting, our chapel seats 85-90. The church may be used for your reception as well.

The basic wedding fee includes the services of a wedding coordinator/hostess, a staff musician, and a custodian, and the use of the church for 2 hours before and 2 hours after the ceremony. For First Plymouth members, the wedding fee is $650; for nonmembers, $1150 (which includes a $500 contribution to the church). The minister’s honorarium is not included in the fee. For First Plymouth members it is customary to give the minister $150-$200, and for nonmembers $350-$500. Additional fees include:

Music rehearsal $25 per half hour per musician

Staff soloist $100

Piano maintenance $95 (if played by someone other than a staff musician)

Additional coordinator time $25 per hour

Our Ministers will guide you through the process of designing your ceremony to reflect your wishes. The Coordinator will meet with you to help in the planning process and will be present on your day to help make things run smoothly.

Our church is a pleasure for photographers. Beautiful and varied settings for photos abound inside and out. Some favorite spots include the window banked landing, balcony, courtyard, portico, and the gardens.

For more information or ff you are interested in a wedding at First Plymouth, email the church office or call 303-762-0616.