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The Outreach Ministry receives 100% of its funds from generous weekly donations via the “Share-the-Plate” program. Any offerings collected on Sundays not allocated as Pledges are given to Share the Plate, which funds the Outreach Ministry’s annual budget.

Each month, the Outreach Ministry selects a nonprofit organization, many of which First Plymouth has traditionally supported, to receive Share-the-Plate funding. Information about the organization is provided throughout the month, so that the congregation can know the benefits received by those served by these organizations. Volunteer opportunities are also available at the organizations so that we can see first hand how we are helping those in need.

Organizations who have been helped by Share-the-Plate include (click the links to learn more):

Nominate the Plate
Thanks to your generosity, in its first six months Share-the-Plate resulted in approximately $14,000 of designated outreach support to 8 non-profit organizations globally, nationally, and in our local community. In addition, the Outreach Ministry made donations to the Denver Inner City Food Bank, the Youth Mission trip, purchased a membership to the Parish Resource Center, and responded to a request from Metro CareRing for a large quantity of beans and rice. We will continue to fund Outreach activities in this highly effective way and invite First Plymouth members to participate in nominating organizations to receive these offerings in the future. If you would like to nominate a non-profit organization to receive Share-the-Plate funds, please pick up a Nominate the Plate application at Mission Central or click here to print the application.