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Stewardship – Annual Giving

Stewardship or Annual Giving supports the ongoing mission and programming of the church. As members of a covenant community, we commit to, and are expected to support the mission of First Plymouth. Our church’s bylaws state that as part of this covenant, we commit “to provide generous material and spiritual support for our mission and community.”

Each year in the spring, the Stewardship Ministry invites members of the Congregation and friends to make a financial commitment to support the operations, programming, and overall mission of the church.  The church’s fiscal year begins on July 1 and runs through June 30 each year. You  can make a financial commitment online by clicking here.

While there are many ways to give financially to the church, it is critical that members give regularly and generously to support the overall operations and mission of First Plymouth by making a financial commitment.  When the overall operations and mission of First Plymouth are well-supported, it forms a foundation for greater service to the Congregation and our community.

Other ways you can give financially to the church include:

  • planned giving
  • giving a check or cash gift that is undesignated (referred to an “unpledged contribution”)
  • giving a check or cash gift in the offering plate to “Share-the-Plate” which supports a nonprofit organization

Please click on the following links to learn more about Stewardship at First Plymouth: