The First Plymouth Endowment Committee was established by Church Council on February 7, 1999 to support First Plymouth Church with an emphasis on internal programs and activities as well as building maintenance and enhancements, which support the mission and ministry of the church. The Committee administers the general endowment fund and the Brand Family Improvement Fund.

The committee has seven members:  Harry Adair (Chair), Dalyce Due, Ron Gardner, George Haskins, Rhonda Hertel (Vice-chair), Diane Hoagland and Nancy Joe Shaw (Secretary). The Committee meets monthly as needed.

General Endowment Fund

The General Endowment Fund was started with an initial gift of $645,000. Additional gifts ranging from $5,000-65,000 were received in later years.

Fund balance on 1-31-20:  $903,717

Available for grants: about $45,000

Grants totaling over $620,000 have been awarded since the fund began for multiple youth mission trips, assistance in the restoration of the stained glass windows on display in the north hallway, Eric Smith’s writing retreats, the Rwanda project, the Capital Campaign and more recently the new church website (to be unveiled in March 2020).

Brand Family Improvement Fund

The Brand Family Improvement Fund started in 2000 by a bequest of about $685,000 from the estate of Irene Brand. This is a permanently restricted fund, the income from which can be used only for improvements to the building, furnishings and equipment of the church.

Fund balance on 1-31-20:  $866,188

Available for grants: about $30,000

Grants totaling over $500,000 have been approved since the fund began for projects including kitchen renovations, computer equipment and software, carpet replacement and new roof and gutters. Most recently money was approved for the migration of all files on the office computer server to Microsoft cloud storage.

Questions? Contact Harry Adair.