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Letter to the Community

Coronavirus Update: November 16, 2020

The First Plymouth COVID-19 Task Force met on Thursday, November 12, to discuss the implications of the current COVID-19 outbreak on our First Plymouth congregation.

Task Force members in attendance: The Reverend Jenny Shultz-Thomas; Carol Hainsey, Director of Administration; Noanie Geistert, Learning Center Director; Phil Thompson, Moderator; Joel Rinsema, Director of Music & Technology in Worship; Shakib Hassan, MD; Bob Henderson, MD; Grover Wrenn, Beth Irtz, Ken Hoagland, Adrienne Andrews Glenn.

Carol Hainsey and Jenny Shultz-Thomas regularly receive COVID updates conducted by Governor Polis and those provided by the Tri-County Health Department. During the past two weeks, these reports have indicated a major increase in COVID infections and deaths, placing our state at Positivity Level 3, one step below the issuance of a Stay-At-Home order. Dr. Hassan and Dr. Henderson confirmed the rising number of hospitalized COVID patients, reflecting the greatest impact on those in the age ranges of 40-64 and 65 plus.

In regard to the Learning Center, Noanie Geistert reported that the one incidence of a teacher contracting COVID-19 was resolved with closure of the center for a two-week  quarantine, as required by the protocols set up by the Learning Center Board and in accordance with Tri-County Health Department regulations. Although no other COVID infections have occurred among staff or children, additional protocols have been installed to provide further protection; and the center will remain open.

Grover Wrenn reported that we can celebrate the apparent scientific success in producing safe and effective vaccines in record-breaking time, which will eventually allow us to interrupt the spread of the virus. The most optimistic outlook today, however, is that it will take most of 2021, and perhaps even longer, to achieve widespread immunity that would allow the resumption of large group gatherings such as worship. And that assumes the availability of adequate quantities of vaccine, plus a sufficiently large portion of the population willing to be vaccinated. Still it will not simply be a matter of getting the vaccine and then throwing caution to the wind. We are all in this together and until all of us is safe, none of us is safe. Thus, we must continue the public health practices of face coverings, avoidance of large gatherings, and hygiene.

Specific recommendations now include the wearing of medical masks, which are readily available, social distancing, avoidance of travel, and interacting only with members of your own household.

Submitted by:
Adrienne Andrews Glenn

Also, please click here to find Governor Polis' November 10 presentation to the Faith Communities of Colorado.



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– May 17, 2020 –

Rewatch our all-church virtual meeting from this morning

– April 26, 2020 –

At the request of Pastor Jenny and the Director of Administration, Carol Hainsey, a group of church members with diverse backgrounds and medical expertise convened in mid-March to review the best available information and provide advice in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This group originally made a recommendation to close the church, including the Learning Center, until May 15.

This COVID19 Task Force is now recommending that this date be extended until June 15 with the understanding that new information in the interim may result in modification of this recommendation. At their meeting on April 21, Church Council endorsed extending the closure date to June 15. To discuss this and other COVID19 related issues, Council has scheduled an all-church virtual meeting on Sunday, May 17 at 4:00P. The purpose of this all-church meeting would be to update members, answer questions and get ideas about how the First Plymouth community can move forward to support its members and forward the church’s mission in the midst of this pandemic. More information will be forthcoming soon.