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A Course on Grief

Pastoral Care Message
by Rev. Dr. Anthony Scott

In previous articles, I have written about grief, its purpose, and the impact it has on an individual. Grief is sneaky. One moment, you may feel, aside from the loss you have suffered, that all is well. In the next moment, grief shows up and manifests itself in whichever ways it sees fit. Grief is an emotional process which may begin following a loss or change of any kind. The sort of change or loss commonly thought to precipitate the grieving process is the death of a relative or friend. However, any and every change in life’s journey IS a loss of a sort. If by nothing else, the grief process can be brought on by our illusions of what was. David Whyte, 21st century author and poet mused about grief as a well. While it is true that the well is filled with life giving water, the grief process can be akin to falling into the well and finding oneself overwhelmed,
overcome, drowning.

In the span of two months we have experienced a number of reasons to grieve. Just to name a few things that may have a grief impact, Covid-19, the manifestation of racism and white supremacy in the death of George Floyd and so many others, employment loss, and loss of a sense of normalcy. Grief is a well. Grief is a sea. Grief can be life giving. But, like a deep well, grief’s waters are best accessed with adequate tools. Like a sea, grief is vast and deep, sometimes deceptively so. It is best navigated on a ship equipped with provisions, companions and life preservation tools.

For six weeks, beginning Sunday, July 19 at 11:15 AM, I will be facilitating a course on grief. Using “Good Grief” by Granger Westburg as a guide we will journey through universal components of the grief process. All are welcome to join the course via Zoom. The only materials you need to participate in this course are yourself, willingness to participate, and the book “Good Grief”. The book is available for purchase via Amazon or a bookseller near you. Please email me at to register or for more information.