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Church Council: May 19

Preliminary Council Agenda
(via GoToMeeting)

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Welcome and call to order: Kim Wooldridge
Opening Reflection by Steve Haskins
Check in Kim

Consent Agenda Items:  KimWooldridge
1. Approval of April Minutes – requesting approval
2. Announcements
3. Congregational Meeting scheduled June 7

Minister’s Report Jenny Shultz-Thomas
Treasurer’s and Finance Report Steve Haskins
DoA Report Carol Hainsey

Old Business: Kim Wooldridge
Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

New Business:
Applications to next-year’s Council
Update to Bylaws adding Immediate Past Moderator
Do we want a On-Line Coffee with Council?
Have we accomplished our goals this past year?

Adjournment/Closing Reflection: Steve Haskins