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First Plymouth’s Covid-19 Update

At the request of Pastor Jenny and the Director of Administration, Carol Hainsey, a group of church members with diverse backgrounds and medical expertise convened in mid-March to review the best available information and provide advice in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This group originally made a recommendation to close the church, including the Learning Center, until May 15.

This COVID19 Task Force is now recommending that this date be extended until June 15 with the understanding that new information in the interim may result in modification of this recommendation. At their meeting on April 21, Church Council endorsed extending the closure date to June 15. To discuss this and other COVID19 related issues, Council has scheduled an all-church virtual meeting on Sunday, May 17 at 4:00P. The purpose of this all-church meeting would be to update members, answer questions and get ideas about how the First Plymouth community can move forward to support its members and forward the church’s mission in the midst of this pandemic. More information will be forthcoming soon.