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Men’s Fellowship: May 9

On Saturday, May 9 at 9:00A, the Men’s Fellowship will host another virtual meeting with Joe Shaw presenting. Joe, a University of Denver OLLI lecturer, will present “China: Apart from the World To Being A Part of the World.” Find the meeting link here or on the Church’s website calendar.

Joe is currently conducting a Life Long Learning course for the University of Denver on “18 Events that made China what it is today.” His program will focus on the recent rise of China to a world power and implications for the world order as China seeks to extend its power through its Belt and Road Initiative and other physical and political initiatives. Ample opportunities will be provided for attendees to offer data and opinions on current events such as the Covid-19 pandemic and China’s reaction; helpful friend or cover up artist; intellectual property rights; expanding spheres of influence in southeast Asia; trade; consumerism; and technology.

As always, women are welcome to the Men’s Fellowship programs.