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Adult Forum – April 5

Flattening the Curves:
Shared Lessons from Coronavirus and Climate Justice

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The issues of climate change and the pandemic are quite different, but there are remarkable similarities in the need to “flatten the curve” to keep below catastrophic thresholds. Both situations call for sweeping steps to be taken by individuals and societies, and the actions that are taken now to deal with the coronavirus will shape how well we’re able to address the climate threat in the coming decade.

On Sunday, April 5, Rev. Peter Sawtell will lead an on-line conversation about the lessons that can be shared as we face the dual challenges of pandemic and climate chaos. How can the work for good in each area reinforce the other’s efforts? How do we need to see ourselves and our world to find a hopeful path to the future?

Rev. Sawtell is the executive director of Eco-Justice Ministries, and a long-time friend of First Plymouth.