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Harold Harris turns 99!

Harold Harris will be celebrating his 99th birthday on February 17th and is already looking forward to turning 100 next year. Harold grew up in a small town in Kansas where he met Doris at a roller skating rink and dated through high school and college. They married before he went into the Army Air Corps. Because of an eye injury when he was a child, his vision prevented him from fighting in WW II, but he served as a Link trainer, an on-the-ground simulation for instrument flights. After his stint in the Army, Harold and Doris returned to his hometown and he worked at his father’s lumber yard until he bought his own lumber yard in a nearby town, Halstead. He went on to own several lumber yards across the state.

He then formed Harris Development to build homes, a bank, apartments, a rest home, a bowling alley and other projects. After building a mobile home plant in his home town, he recognized an opportunity to strat another business and began making component parts for the mobile home industry and was quickly using 2 box cars of lumber a week. Starting with rafters, he soon was making enough at the Halstead operation for 300 mobile homes a week. He went on to open manufacturing plants in seven states, including Colorado. He eventually took the company, Mobile Components Inc., public where the stock was listed on the NASDAQ. Pizza Hut was founded in nearby Wichita and Mobile Components began making rafters for the quickly growing chain to be shipped all over the country.

After vacationing in Colorado all his life and having a manufacturing facility in Brighton, he and Doris moved to Denver in the 70s. Although he was semi-retired, he did consulting work for an oil company that took Doris and him to San Antonio for a few years, then back to help Fullenwider Development build homes in the Polo Field.

After 72 years of an exciting and fun-filled life with Doris, she passed away suddenly in February 2014. Their 3 children all lived in Denver until Steven, their oldest son, moved to Houston where he and his wife, Mei, live. Their youngest son, Greg, and his wife Lisa moved to Parker. Their daughter, Susan Cantwell, still lives in Denver and attends First Plymouth where her daughter, Alix Wright, is the Director of Children’s Ministries and another daughter Whitney Andreasen and her family are active in the church as well.

Harold Harris turns 99!

Harold has 8 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren, most living in the Denver metro area. They enjoy visiting him to hear about his many wonderful memories and enjoying his delightful sense of humor. Although living in an assisted living facility, he is still very independent and gregarious, participating in as many activities as his limited vision allows him to and is adored by all the staff for his good humor and positive outlook on life, even as it becomes more challenging with his advancing age. At a recent physical, when his doctor asked how he was doing, he replied the he was doing great, except he was continuing to struggle with seeing things, he was losing his hearing and his teeth were falling out, so he thought maybe he should see a “shrink” because it was all in his head.

Happy Birthday to a delightful human being, a loving husband, an amazing father and dedicated community leader. He is truly an example of how to live one’s life with dignity, faith, respect and gratitude.