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First Plymouth Moves to Safer Lawn Care

After extensive research and several interviews, the Facilities Team and Whole Earth Ministry have partnered to select a new company to care for the lawns and hardscape areas at First Plymouth. Whole Earth has been concerned that toxic herbicides and pesticides applied in the past may be harmful to our pollinating insects, water runoff and people who come into contact with them. The Facilities Team has been very responsive in trying to find alternatives. Our new contract is with Natural Lawn of America, a leader in providing organic-based lawn care. Their products are specifically formulated for Colorado’s soil and drought conditions, with beneficial bacteria that break down nutrients for the lawn to absorb them. No 2,4D weed killer is used. We are excited about their customized service and safer lawn approach.

To learn more about the benefits of sustainable, organic farming you might enjoy watching the film “The Biggest Little Farm” available to stream through Amazon Prime or Netflix.