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The Racial Equity Team Invites You To . . .

The FPCC Racial Equity Team is asking other FPCC members to join them at the Race & Justice Community Meeting On Unjust Police Identification Practice

Thursday, Nov 14 from 6:00P – 7:30P
Shorter Community AME Church, 3100 Richard Allen Court, Denver

The meeting will present information to the Denver and Aurora police and district attorneys by Together Colorado Transforming Justice Team. It is a gathering of community members, faith leaders, law enforcement and elected officials to address a troubling policing procedure known as “show ups”, which is used in the field to identify perpetrators of a crime. The practice of “showups” not only fuels misidentification, but increases racial bias in making arrests.

A “showup” is an identification procedure used when a suspect has been detained soon after the commission of an offense because he/she, who may have been in the vicinity of the crime, resembles the description of the perpetrator provided by the eyewitness. The eyewitness is then asked to view the subject (not in a lineup or a viewbook, but by themselves) and asked if they can determine if they can identify this person. This meeting will not only go into further detail about the practice, but also there will be testimony on what is wrong with Showups.  Those points are:

  • Showups are unreliable
  • Showups can easily bias a witness
  • Showups are the least reliable
  • Racial bias seeps into the identification—intentionally or unintentionally
  • Misidentifications can leave the actual perpetrator free to commit more crimes

Please contact Marilyn Miller if you would like to carpool from the church to this meeting.