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Rocky Mountain Flute Choir
Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 7:00P

We pay tribute to Amy Rice-Blumenthal for her contributions to flutists throughout Colorado and beyond.  During her time in Colorado in the 1980’s, Amy formed the ALRY flute choir.  None of the names that were originally suggested for the group were acceptable to all of the members, so she finally decided to use her own initials as an acronym:  Amy Lucetta Rice Young. Amy began arranging music for the ALRY flute choir because there was of lack of interesting music available for larger flute ensembles.  Amy also formed the ALRY Publishing Company in order to make flute choir literature more widely available.

The Rocky Mountain Flute Choir is an important part of Amy’s legacy. RMFC will perform several of Amy’s arrangements including two early pieces, Wild, Wild West and Bach’s Bourree in addition to Postcards from Pikes Peak, commissioned by the Pikes Peak Flute Choir, and Cloud Forms which was written for the ALRY Flute Choir.

This concert is free and open to the public.