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2019-2020 Social Justice Film Series

 5:30P  Potluck supper– Bring something to share!
6:30P Film begins
Lively discussion afterwards


September 13 at First Plymouth            Topic: Racial Justice
True Justice: Bryan Stevenson’s Fight for Equality  I hr 41 min
This 2019 HBO documentary follows the public interest attorney’s struggle to create greater fairness in the legal system and shows how racial injustice emerged, evolved and continues to threaten the country, challenging viewers to confront it.

October 11 at First Plymouth                  Topic: Environmental Justice
Paris To Pittsburgh              1 hr 17 min
From coastal cities to America’s heartland, the documentary film Paris to Pittsburgh celebrates how Americans are demanding and developing real solutions in the face of climate change. And as the weather grows more deadly and destructive, they aren’t waiting on Washington to act.

November 8 at First Plymouth               Topic: Native American Justice
Blood Memory         1hr 48 min
Battles over blood quantum and ‘best interests’ resurface in this documentary featuring the untold history of America’s Indian Adoption Era – a time when nearly one-third of children were removed from tribal communities nationwide. As political scrutiny over Indian child welfare intensifies, an adoption survivor helps others find their way home through song and ceremony.

December 13 to First Plymouth             Topic: Racial Justice
Not in Our Town     1 hr
In this documentary, Citizens of Billings, Montana found common ground against hate based attacks against their African American, Native American and Jewish families and congregations.  Religious and community leaders, labor union volunteers, law enforcement, the local newspaper and concerned residents united in action and spoke loudly against hate and intolerance, proclaiming in no uncertain terms “Not In Our Town!”

January 10                 First Universalist       Topic: Homelessness
The Public                2 hr 2 min
In this 2018 drama, a large group of homeless library patrons in Cincinnati refuse to leave the downtown library at closing time during a brutal cold snap. What begins as a nonviolent sit-in and ragtag act of civil disobedience quickly escalates into a standoff with local riot police, led by a no-nonsense crisis negotiator and a savvy district attorney with lofty political ambitions, all as two librarians are caught in the middle.

February 14               First Universalist       Topic: Racial Justice
Crisis in Leavittown           32 MIN
The Black middle-class Myers family moves into all-white suburb of Levittown, PA in August, 1957, and are snubbed and mistreated, in this powerful landmark documentary showcasing racism in the United States.

March 13                    First Universalist       Topic: Progressive Christianity
American Heretics:  The Politics of the Gospel (TENTATIVE)        1 hr 25 min
This award-winning documentary takes audiences into the buckle of Bible belt where a group of defiant Oklahomans is rising up to challenge deeply rooted fundamentalist Christian doctrine. Labeled as “heretics” for their beliefs and actions, they refuse to wield their faith as a sword sharpened by literal interpretations of the Bible. Especially those interpretations that continue to justify nationalism and hack away at landmark civil rights protections for women, minorities, immigrants, and the LGBTQ communities.

April 10                       First Universalist       Topic: Racial Justice
The Forgiven           1 hr 55 min
This 2017 British drama takes place in South Africa after apartheid.  It tells a story involving Archbishop Desmond Tutu‘s search for answers during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and his meetings with the fictional character Piet Blomfeld, incarcerated in a maximum-security prison.

May 8                          First Universalist       Topic: Racial Justice
Capturing the Flag  1 hr 16 min (TENTATIVE)
If you think voter suppression is just an ugly part of our nation’s past, think again. Documentarian Anne de Mare captures what happened in Fayetteville, North Carolina, just days before and the day of the 2016 Presidential election.  Following a team of voter protection volunteers, she uncovers the subversive actions that lead to thousands of citizens being denied their Constitutional right to vote.

Join us at:

First Plymouth United Church of Christ
3501 S. Colorado Blvd.
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First Universalist Church of Denver
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